The 2 applications we made this year have met with complete success: –

1. Our request to Forest Enterprise to sell Dronley Wood to us was agreed to by them on 4th June. FE were satisfied that we had a mandate from the community for the transfer of the wood to community ownership in order to secure its future and how it would be used for the benefit of the community and all visitors. Also, our business plan and feasibility study set out a realistic and well thought through vision for future management of the Dronley Wood.

2. On 11th August the Scottish Land Fund agreed to our request for all the money to purchase the wood and pay for a woodland manager to work part time for us in the 1st 2 years of ownership. This is really great news as it allows us now to concentrate on fund raising for the projects listed in our business plan for the 1st 3 years

FE requires us to make a legal offer to them, with all the money available for the transfer, by 4th December. The money is now available so we will be able to arrange the transfer much sooner. Our solicitor will handle the legal side of the transfer including receiving the money and will make the legal offer in the near future.

We have received a tremendous response from residents of the community to become members ñ over 150 applications to date. These will be ratified by the board in due course and a membership roll created for both normal membership (16 years +) and junior membership (12 to 15 years).
At Sports Day on 25th August we will have a display in a big tent on the playing field and trustees on hand to answer questions and receive more applications for membership. We hope for a lot of visits and enquiries.

Our first AGM will be held at 7pm on 13th September in the village hall. This is an open meeting where we would hope to have a large attendance especially from members.

A celebration party to be held in the wood will be organised for this autumn.

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