A Dronley Community Woodland Manager has been appointed on a 2 year contract and has taken up the post from 15th July.

In May an application for Felling Permission was made to Scottish Forestry to clear all the fallen trees along the north side of the wood and the standing spruce in the northeast corner, which continue to fall with every gale. This permission may take another 2 weeks. A forestry contractor will then be employed to remove the trees to a log stack near the car park from where lorries can get easy access to load up and remove the timber without the need to close access to the wood for visitors.

The work of constructing a path for about 800m along the north side and as far as the wayleave will follow this. Lay bys with seating and picnic sites will be included in the project. 

When finished there will be great opportunity for anyone to come and join work parties which we hope to convene on a regular basis – some of the initial tasks will be to install benches, tables and notice boards and make them secure.
Purchasing equipment for our volunteers and storage facilities to keep everything will be a priority in the next few months. For this we will need a lot more money and applications are being prepared for various funders. However, we hope all users will be generous and make donations to our organisation. This can now be done through our website.

A Forest School has been running from a site in the wood since mid May with great success. The 13 (or more) primary age children taking part are enjoying the experience.

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