Local support is vital if we are to save Dronley Wood for the future.  We have already received some excellent offers from local residents.

1. From: “Gillian Tuddenham” on May 04, 2017
Subject: Forest School

I’m glad I was able to attend part of this evenings meeting but sorry I had to leave early, unfortunately I didn’t have a babysitter this evening. I was really interested to hear about what was happening and how the woods may be best utilised.
As I mentioned briefly at the meeting I would be keen to develop some sort of ‘forest school’ or at least a kids forest group to start with and would be happy to perhaps form a working group to look at that side of things. My son is 5 and currently attends Red Squirrel nursery in Liff where they have an excellent forest school which he has benefited tremendously from. He is due to start p1 at Auchterhouse in August and I am quite keen to see it work within the school but I have not approached them yet.
My day job is anaesthetist at Ninewells but I have a reasonable background of youth work in the outdoors including expeditions in uk and overseas, d of e and scouts. The younger kids are new to me but I plan to do the forest school training in October and have the support of my neighbour (Elizabeth Denyer who is a primary school teacher and forest school leader already).
I have been extensively involved (up to Board level and chairing various committees) in a Cumbrian youth exploration group charity up until 2014 so am very aware of the hard work and effort that is required to make these things work. As I am now based locally I am no longer involved with this I have time to dedicate to an enterprise like this.
I hope to get to the next meeting (ideally without the 5 year old) but would also be happy to meet or chat about things further in the meantime.
Thanks for all the hard work that has clearly already taken place.

Feel free to forward this e mail to whoever is most appropriate.

Gillian Tuddenham
Halfway Up, The Brae, Auchterhouse


  1. From: Daryl Shute on 18 May 2017

Subject: Re: Gruffalo Trail – Official Status

Thanks for getting in touch.

Your email has been passed to us as we own branding, merchandising and audio-visual rights for the Gruffalo, and particularly we manage the relationship with Forestry Commission England who run our Gruffalo trails.

We’d be happy to support your proposed trail and provide materials and support to enable it’s development. We don’t often offer this to individual sites as they’re quite complex projects to manage, but as you have such a direct contact with character on this occasion I’d be happy to help.

We don’t act on behalf of Julia Donaldson, although we work very closely together, so I’m offering The Gruffalo’s support and not hers directly.

Please let me know what further you might need at this stage.

Thanks and best wishes,



3.From Craig Simpson on 19 June 2017

Subject: Cubs – Scouts


I am writing as the cub leader of the Muirhead cub scouts in support of maintenance of Dronley Woods as a wooded recreational area.

We try and give our cub scouts experience of the wider environment close to home. We utilise Backmuir Woods as it is very close to the cub hut. But we also have trips to the Roundy in Birkhill, and Lundie Crags area for many different types of outdoor activities including simple walks, geocaching, BBQs, compass work and wide games. Dronley wood is also one of these areas we utilise and would like to have this kept.   It is a nicely contained wooded area with lots of wildlife. It is flat and has few paths which means it is great to allow kids the chance to run around without getting lost.

If you would like some more information from me, please let me know.



4.From Auchterhouse Community Council on 30 Aug 2017


I am writing on behalf of the Auchterhouse Community Council to express our support for the application from Dronley Community Woodland to acquire Dronley Wood from Forest Enterprise Scotland.

When the proposed sale of the wood was raised at our Council meeting on 16th February this year, there was a unanimous wish from all councillors and the 24 members of the public present to pursue a CAT. This continues to be the strong sentiment of our council.

The wood has been a valuable amenity for folk in our area for many years now and to lose it in a private sale would be unthinkable. The support given to your initiative to acquire the wood is obviously wide spread as is evidenced by the large number who visited the exhibition in the village hall on the 8th June and contributed many ideas for improvement and development of the area.

Updates have been given at each of our council meetings since February and will continue to be eagerly awaited in the future. We feel a successful acquisition will provide important investment in the local community and economy, with the possibility of additional employment, education opportunities and the development of woodcraft skills for enthusiasts, while continuing to be a popular and well used local amenity.

In anticipation that this venture is successful, we look forward to working in partnership with DCW and supporting the future plans in any way that we can.

Yours sincerely,

G Stewart, Secretary, Auchterhouse Community Council

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