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Many Tree Species

Some over 100 years old

Community Woodland

For future generations

8 km + of woodland paths

Walking, running & cycling

Wildlife watching

Explore & Enjoy

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Dronley Community Woodland

Has a size of 50 ha and is located approximately 8 miles outside Dundee. Dronley Wood became Community Woodland in 2019 via a very successful Community Asset Transfer Fund (CATS). A feasibility study has shown that Dronley Wood attracts more than 20000 woodland visits per year.

Ecological Woodland Management

We manage Dronley Community Woodland according to the site conditions and the ecological processes by adapting low-impact woodland management operations.

The local community

Since 2019, volunteers have spent over 3500 hours developing Dronley Wood towards a site-adapted and mixed woodland.

Enjoy your visit to Dronley Community Woodland
The environmental benefits

Dronley Wood produces oxygen, fixes carbon dioxide, produces and filters ...

Challenges of Climate Change

The consequences of climate change will (and already) provide ecological challenges for forest ecosystems ...

Low Impact Machinery Dronley
Woodland Products available

We offer Split and Seasoned Firewood and Sawn Timber Products like ...