About Dronley Community Woodland Rob Black 5 May 2024
About Dronley Community Woodland

50 ha


Over 20000 per year


Over 100 years

Dronley Community Woodland

Dronley Community Woodland has a size of 50 ha and is located approximately 8 miles outside Dundee. Dronley Wood became Community Woodland in 2019 via a very successful Community Asset Transfer Fund (CATS). A feasibility study has shown that Dronley Wood attracts more than 20000 woodland visits per year.

We manage Dronley Wood as a multipurpose woodland where Timber Production, Biodiversity, Recreation, Health and Well-Being are equal priorities. We offer volunteering opportunities, courses, and school involvement. We want to establish a strong connection with the local community and create a long-lasting legacy for future generations. Dronley Community Woodland is committed to offering training, research, cooperation, education, and local employment opportunities.

Dronley Community Woodland


Dronley Wood is a brilliant place for walking, running and cycling.

More than 8 km of woodland paths take you to many parts of our community woodland. The main tree species at Dronley Wood are Scots Pine, Larch, Norway Spruce, Douglas Fir and Sitka Spruce. There are also 2 small stands of broadleaves dominated by Birch and Beech. The oldest stands at Dronley Wood are over 100 years old.

Dronley Community Woodland is a brilliant place for watching wildlife. You might be able to spot Red Squirrels, Jays, Great Woodpeckers, Buzzards, Roe Deer, Herons, Crossbills, Pine Martens or even a Tawny Owl.