The local community is developing their woodland Rob Black 5 May 2024
The local community is developing their woodland

Dronley Community Woodland has fantastic volunteer support. Since 2019, volunteers have spent over 3500 hours developing Dronley Wood towards a site-adapted and mixed woodland. Our volunteer days include tasks like green- woodworking, fencing, removing competing vegetation, setting up the tree- nursery, tree planting, weeding, survey work and marking trees for thinning.

Our local volunteers are very much involved in the woodland management. That is a fantastic example demonstrating how the local community can develop their community woodland for future generations. Involving volunteers and the local school will establish a strong connection between the local population and their community woodland.

Volunteering at Dronley Wood is a brilliant opportunity to get involved in the silvicultural management of your local woodland to mitigate the effects of Climate Change and meet others.   

It would be fantastic if you could join us in developing Dronley Wood towards a diverse, resilient and stable mixed woodland for the benefit of future generations. If you would like to join our group of volunteers at Dronley Wood, please email us. Our Email address is [email protected].

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